1. BTG

    Exclusive Neo Monsters 2.9.0 [mega mod]

    Name: Neo Monsters Version: 2.9.0 Root: No Mod: 1.) up to 10x dmg, defense (BGM slider) 2.) boosted dmg god mode (BGM slider 0) 3.) unlimited capture chances 4.) capture the uncapturable (see note below) 5.) always successful capture (see note below) 6.) one-click max stats/training (SFX OFF)...
  2. BTG

    Neo Monsters discussions

    Discussion here is about this game: Link is Broken I thought to create a post for this so that others can help me out to figure things out - being newbie on this. Let's start, anyone can answer would be good. Keep this post clean by only discussing things that are asked. Requests for whatever...