1. Outdated Episode - Choose Your Story - VER. 7.01.0+g (PASSES & GEMS) [NO ROOT & ROOT]

    NON-ROOTED & ROOTED USERS Episode - Choose Your Story VER. 7.01.0+g Google Store Link The best way to have (Episode - Choose Your Story VER. 7.01.0+g) passes and gems! But be warned though, if you already installed the latest play store version on your phone, it might not work in some...
  2. Should I release my mods?

    Hello, AndroidRepublic! I just recently got into the modding scene and hacked a couple of games. I see that couple of those games are requested but not available yet. I was thinking about sharing my mods out to the public for games such as Grow Stone Online. I have things like no delay attack...
  3. G

    apk work with google gapps in Cyanogen 12.1 but apk not working without!

    Hi all,I use Cyanogenmod 12.1 os in GS4 mini. I installed Google App (gapps 5.1) for able a installation specifique apk software. I backuped this apk for futur use. I restored my Cyanogen backup without gapps Google. The probleme is the apk work with gapps installed (Google services maybe) in my...
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