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  1. How can i inject xamarin smali code into another apk?

    I tried to make a simple foreground service android application using xamarin... then decompile and inject it into another apk...but it always crashes. here is adb logcat : 05-31 23:57:34.158 7680 7680 W Activity: Slow Operation: Activity
  2. Announcing the release of Il2CppInspector 2

    Hey folks, I've been working on an overhaul of Il2CppInspector for the last few months and I feel like it's now at a place where I'm ready to share it! I believe this new build has the most accurate, comprehensive and customizable output and the most robust file format and architecture support...
  3. [Tool] APKRepatcher - Now Decompile & Recompile APK with easy GUI

    Since decompilation, modification and recompilation of apk required several commands and tools so I created a java GUI tool APKRepatcher which helps you to modify an existing apk using a simple user friendly GUI. It lets you edit java/smali code from an APK and rewrite the changes back to the...
  4. Unbundle/Unpack unity dll's

    Hey, I've been stomped at trying to find out how to extract the dll's from games like modern strike online 1.17.3. They have somehow put the assembly files into a .dat file. Is there a program or to reverse this process or does anyone know how to recover the dll' s and make the project normal...
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