1. How to bypass difficult signature verification.

    For example, let's say you signed your APK over some way. And wasn't there a forced termination when the app was launched? I'll teach you a possible solution. Software called ApkSignatureKiller is convenient. It's very easy to use. step1 First, prepare the UnSigned APK that you modified...
  2. Cloned Pokémon GO apk with official signature

    I'm looking for a way to run multiple instances of Pokémon GO simultaneously. Somehow it seems that you can't log in to your PoGo account any longer from within "Parallel Space" which was the best solution to achieve that. Also there's a clone app at the Play Store but it changes the signature...
  3. Help please

    Hello! I'm a novice hacker, and I have one question .. How to sign in the game? I'm a hacker from Russia and hack into various games, but my hacking is stolen on different sites, how can I put my signature in the game? For example, " By Hacker"?
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