summoners war

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  1. Lean11159

    Summoners' War: Sky Arena v3.8.4 Mod [4 Ver] [Update]

    Name: SUMMONERS WAR Version: 3.8.4 Root: No Mod V1: 1. Bypass Anti-Cheat Only Mod V2: 1. High Attack (~2000) 2. High Speed (Always Attack First - AOE skill & SPD rune recommended) 3. Low HP Mod V3: 1. High Speed (Always Attack First - AOE skill & SPD rune recommended) 2. Low HP Note...
  2. BTG

    Summoners War v3.8.4 [dmg, dumb enemy]

    Name: Summoners War Version: 3.8.4 Root: No Mod: 1.) dumb enemy 2.) super massive dmg Notes: 1.) your monsters are invisible, you MUST use auto button to fight ! 2.) safer and better mods - get the VIP version Install Steps: 1.) install mod, play Credits: BTG (EMT) Playstore...
  3. Vorseth

    Greetings + basic tablet question...

    Hello everyone! I'm 39, from Brisbane Australia. Been gaming hardcore since I was about 7, so over 30 years xD Any summoners war fans here from my area? :D I'm a massive fan of Summoners War. I have 20 nat5's there, and I've been seriously considering buying VIP here and using this mod to get...
  4. V

    Summoners War Toa 99 Bug

    Pq Qnd tem um Leo em qlqr Lugar do Jogo o Mod Buga? Sobe a Barra só do Léo Inimigo Queria Saber se Tem como resolver e.e
  5. M

    Thread: Make a new "Hive" account (ID limit reached)

    Root Needed : No Requirement : PC (bluestack/genymotion) or Android device 1.install with hive from playstore >> With Hive 2.create a new gmail account (using pc or ur phone) 3.sync the account with google plus/ create google plus with the new account...