1. Milo Calen

    Unity Games Mod Menu GUI

    Hi I created my mod menu for Unity games, it is not finished yet but I would like to know what you thought for the moment The size of the menu adapts to the number of buttons and the size of the screen.
  2. C

    Help me mod IL2CPP game

    i am newbie, any one teach me how to edit code from IL2CPP.so. i have : i want edit: private static int set_hp(IntPtr L); // 0xF911CC but i don`t know change values in Il2Cpp from...to ? any help me, thanks
  3. Matt_code_guy

    debugger for unity game

    My current project is Android/Mac/Windows and I am set up for modding on all three environments. The code is obfuscated. In a situation like this, having a debugger that could set breakpoints, view variable values in memory, and step through the code would be invaluable. Given only a directory...
  4. Matt_code_guy

    Unable to open Assembly-CSharp.dll in DnSpy

    I have tried using several disassemblers, and I am unable to open it. It seems in every way like any other unity game, but for this game I am unable to open the assembly. I am wondering, is maybe this file encrypted? If so, how do I go about decrypting it? Assembly download: Uploadfiles.io -...
  5. H

    [Help] Adding immersive mode support for a Unity game

    So I bought this off the Play Store for the kids at my place to play around with: Isabelle Dance Studio - Android Apps on Google Play Problem is, while I did manage to shove in the code from Link is Broken as a method in GameManager and get it to run via Start(), attaching it to isGamePaused()...
  6. J

    Unity Based Mod Menu

    Hey guys I'm new here, but I'm not new to modding android games I'm needing help with creating a mod menu using unity and OnGUI (onGUI is the only method I know that works) I couldn't find ANY information regarding how to create one When I did find something it didn't have any explanation to...