1. Android Unity Ads SDK Integration - Java

    Android Unity Ads SDK Integration_PC What you need: - Java installed on your PC, suggested 8+ - Android Studio / Intellij Idea - Source - here - Brain 🧠 Unity Ads SDK integration using Java to show basic video ads by clicking a button. This can be used on any android app you want to make from...
  2. How To Unlink Unity Functions (IL2CPP)

    Well modding Android Games is fun and I wanted to completely kill a function so I did some research. Imagine we have a Character Class, this class has an Update function, and this class also has a function something like this private void Die(); Yeah I know, it's not that crazy but I'm trying...
  3. Unity Games Mod Menu GUI

    Hi I created my mod menu for Unity games, it is not finished yet but I would like to know what you thought for the moment The size of the menu adapts to the number of buttons and the size of the screen.
  4. Help me mod IL2CPP game

    i am newbie, any one teach me how to edit code from IL2CPP.so. i have : i want edit: private static int set_hp(IntPtr L); // 0xF911CC but i don`t know change values in Il2Cpp from...to ? any help me, thanks
  5. debugger for unity game

    My current project is Android/Mac/Windows and I am set up for modding on all three environments. The code is obfuscated. In a situation like this, having a debugger that could set breakpoints, view variable values in memory, and step through the code would be invaluable. Given only a directory...
  6. Unable to open Assembly-CSharp.dll in DnSpy

    I have tried using several disassemblers, and I am unable to open it. It seems in every way like any other unity game, but for this game I am unable to open the assembly. I am wondering, is maybe this file encrypted? If so, how do I go about decrypting it? Assembly download: Uploadfiles.io -...
  7. [Help] Adding immersive mode support for a Unity game

    So I bought this off the Play Store for the kids at my place to play around with: Isabelle Dance Studio - Android Apps on Google Play Problem is, while I did manage to shove in the code from Link is Broken as a method in GameManager and get it to run via Start(), attaching it to isGamePaused()...
  8. J

    Unity Based Mod Menu

    Hey guys I'm new here, but I'm not new to modding android games I'm needing help with creating a mod menu using unity and OnGUI (onGUI is the only method I know that works) I couldn't find ANY information regarding how to create one When I did find something it didn't have any explanation to...
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