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1.) ATK Multiplier (1 => Unlimited)
2.) DEF Multiplier (1 => Unlimited)

Emulator Support: YES/NO
Root Required: NO
x64 Required: NO

Latest Modded Version: 21.0
Playstore Link: | Online games
VIP Download:

Project QT is a Puzzle RPG with a lot more to offer than simple puzzle game mechanics. Strap in, and get ready to join the greatest adventure this side of the multiverse!

Take the hottest cuties you have ever dreamed of, explore an entertaining new universe, add some exciting battles to the mix, and you have the perfect recipe for fun!

With so many girls you can evolve, level up, and upgrade, there is always a mission for you here. And the rewards are that much better! Seduce the girls as you fight your way through levels, and you will be able to unlock steamy hentai scenes that will have your heart pumping.

Project QT was included as one of the top games with animated sex scenes.

- To login with google you must be rooted
- If you're VIP go to VIP Section to download

Interested in this mod as well as a great selection of exclusive releases?
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