Any song recommendation?

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Türkçe Destek
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Team AR
Jun 6, 2016
Check 'Playing With Fire' by BLACKPINK

The song is now officially added to PUBG Mobile game. You can listen to it in-game, playing at pitfire campsites.

We also have a VIP Mod available for this game in AR, if you didn't know already ❤
Good song but hearing this on pubg 24/7 makes me angry af :rolleyes:

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Apr 10, 2017
I don't listen to many songs. All I listen to on repeat are the songs from the K-Pop group "SISTAR" , "IOI" and a couple of rap songs from Biggie Smalls.


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Aug 19, 2020
Here’s a list of my all time aesthetic feel songs:

Empty - Ray LaMontagne
All I want - Kodaline
I need you - M83
Stop this train - John Mayor
Somebody else - The 1975
This must be my dream - The 1975
Bloom - The paper kites
Outer space - John Grant
In this shirt - The irrepressibles
Two men in love - The irrepressibles
Falling slowly - Once (Movie soundtrack)
Between the bars - Elliot smith
Promise - Ben Howard