Any song recommendation?


Türkçe Destek
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Jun 6, 2016
Check 'Playing With Fire' by BLACKPINK

The song is now officially added to PUBG Mobile game. You can listen to it in-game, playing at pitfire campsites.

We also have a VIP Mod available for this game in AR, if you didn't know already ❤
Good song but hearing this on pubg 24/7 makes me angry af :rolleyes:

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Apr 10, 2017
I don't listen to many songs. All I listen to on repeat are the songs from the K-Pop group "SISTAR" , "IOI" and a couple of rap songs from Biggie Smalls.


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Aug 19, 2020
Here’s a list of my all time aesthetic feel songs:

Empty - Ray LaMontagne
All I want - Kodaline
I need you - M83
Stop this train - John Mayor
Somebody else - The 1975
This must be my dream - The 1975
Bloom - The paper kites
Outer space - John Grant
In this shirt - The irrepressibles
Two men in love - The irrepressibles
Falling slowly - Once (Movie soundtrack)
Between the bars - Elliot smith
Promise - Ben Howard


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Dec 22, 2020
Try listening to Lauv's Modern loneliness, it is my current favorite song at the moment. I love listening to this whenever I am working in my auto shop with my Autel Scanner always by my side. In case you want to try that scanner, check it here Best Autel Scanner Reviews 2020: Most Popular 12 Tools Features Comparison.
I know this song, I personally don't like it at all.


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Aug 21, 2020
It might not be completely new, but you should definitely listen to Panic! At The Disco. They’re this really awesome pop-punk group, and I love almost all of their songs. Here are some of my favorites that you should definitely check out.

“Death of a Bachelor”
“Emperor’s New Clothes”
“Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time”
“Ready to Go”
“I Write Sins Not Tragedies”
“Turn Off the Lights”
Again, these are just some of my favorites. Feel free to check these out and any of their other songs.