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Puny god

Feb 7, 2020
Hi All,
Hope you're good.
i am brand new to modding, but after watching a lot of videos and reading guides I managed to get through all the steps to dump, dnspy, ida, hxd and APK easy tool. but after trying a lot of code in different locations i can get none of them to work. hoping for some advice/help

Game: Marvel Realm Of Champions

I have tried to replace,

public float get_Cooldown1
public const int kSA_Cooldown1
private StatAttribute _cooldown1


MOV X0, #0

00 00 80 D2 C0 03 5F D6

do i need to change another file to get permission? hoping i can get some help here.



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Nov 5, 2015
Just keep trying different functions... like i said on your other thread check out the Actor class... also i suggest you keep all discussion in one thread to make it easier for other people to help as well or benefit from this
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