How to make unsign?


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Making an unsigned mod is needed if you want to log in to your google;
You need;
RAR for android
Modded apk you wish to login with

Steps to take;
  1. In RAR navigate to the folder containing the APK
  2. Long click the APK and open as archive
  3. Inside the APK copy/cut the 'lib' folder and paste it in the folder that has the apk
  4. Cut/copy the lib folder you just extracted and reopen the apk as archive
  5. Delete the lib folder that is in the archive and paste the extracted one DONT OVERWRITE IT WILL NOT WORK.
You now have an unsigned mod and can follow the below guide to login with your google account

Thank to @Dogboy69 for writing this up in another thread


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I also recommend x8 sandbox (Rooted android emu for Android) if you need any related stuff with root, but there's a limit.
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