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Hi all, this is DuckLord.

For the players of Monster Chronicles, you probably know the name. I am one of the developers of the game and we sincerely thank you for liking and playing the game. For the players who is playing the modded version of the game, I would like to implore you to switch over to the official release of the game.

We are a very small team of people (consisting of only 3-4 developers) who have come together to pursue our dream of making an innovative and fun experience that is very different from other social RPGs out there. We worked on the game for over 2 and a half years, with almost to no income. The game may appear bigger than it is due to our partnership with a publisher who have provided customer support, however the development team continues to be small and lacking in resources.

We were very happy to be able to launch the game about a month ago, to some success. However, we started noticing hackers and modders which has made the competition unfair for the players with the official build. We started to notice drops in our player base, and if this continues, we might not be able to last. You may be thinking that we must be making a lot of money. Trust me, we aren't. In fact, we are making a loss everyday.

As a result, we direct a lot of resources to prevent hacks/mods, which could be better used to make the game much better. I know the mods are always going to be around, but I hope players like you will support us and play the official version of the game, and help us sustain and update the game so that everyone can enjoy it.

If the reason for playing the modded version is because the game is not yet available in your country, don't worry. Simply contact us at Monster Chronicles and we will send you the official APK.

Once again, we sincerely thank you for liking Monster Chronicles,
DuckLord (Wong Hong Wei, CTO Delta Duck Studios).
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