Giveaway VIP + Goddess Kiss (Global) account giveaway

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May 24, 2019
Greetings fellow members!

One lucky winner will win this starter account. Read below to see how to win.
* 70 of 6 stars
* Tons of resources
* Nearly 2 billion gold
* 4k diamonds

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How to win?:
- Like this thread

End date:
August 4th 2019

If you're interested in purchasing this service: Approved - Goddess Kiss Services

Thanks to @BTG for giving us this account to give away to the community.

Team AR.

Aaaaaw gheeeez
I would receive a minor Heart attack if i were to win something like this.. Because i can't afford to purchase VIP myself and certainly not the service on the game either....

Im currently admitted to a clinic where i get help with my different disabilities so my family pays a lot of money every month but above from treatment i can't afford anything :( but i guess i have to be grateful for what I got but i really really hope and wish and pray that i win this


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Nov 7, 2017
RNGesus help me, to be honest i would use vip since i liked the Knights Chronicle mod but now i'd rather go for memoria freese and this game
EDIT: Realized my account is nearly 2 years old lel
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