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i am willing to pay for LINE Brown Stories MOD

There is a Once in a Lifetime requirement to reach rank 1200 in the Non-Realtime Arena, in order to unlock some potentials.

i said Non-Realtime means that people won't be able to see what you did in the Arena.
You fight their Defense Squad without them watching.
It is safe from cheat reporting.

i said Once in a Lifetime means that, once you reach rank 1200 in Arena, the cheat (mod) is no longer needed.

What i need (like those outdated previous mods ):
1. No SP Cooldown (Both in Skills and Characters summon)
2. Multiply Damage (5x or 10x is good enough)
3. Any of the above is good if you couldn't do all of them.

Tell me the price and we will have a long good friendship..

Thanks in advance..
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