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  1. K

    Request Dragon ball Return of Saiyan

    Could someone make mod for this game, its a Dragon ball game: Return of Saiyan Version 2.0.3 Google Store: Return of Saiyan - Android Apps on Google Play Mod: - any % bonus for attack, hp - any % decrased taken damage - Adventure exp always 8x - Battle stages stamina composition would be...
  2. stelau4

    Dragonsaga Origin ver- 1.0.1 (Kill all Enemy)

    Name: DragonSaga Origin Version: 1.0.1 Root: Yes (due to google login) Mod: 1. Press button All Must die in battle Install Steps: 1. Download Modded apk 2. Install and enjoy Credits: stelau4 (EMT)(TeamAR) Playstore Link: Dragonsaga Origin - Android Apps on Google Play Download Link...

    Divine Paradise Mod (Dragon Nest Awake English Version)

    Game Version : 1.0.0 Root: Yes/No Playstore : Not yet available on playstore. Facebook: Divine Paradise - DN Awake Game Description : What's modded : What's modded v2: How to install: 1. Uninstall Original APK. 2. Install Modded APK. 3. Enjoy. Credits : GAHAHAHA - JMT Download...
  4. icry4u

    Dragon Samurai v1.0.2 (Dmg - Defense)

    Name of game : Dragon Samurai Version: 1.0.2 Root needed? : No Play Store : Dragon Samurai - Android Apps on Google Play Original apk : Dragon Samurai Apk Mod Features : 1- Dmg x10 2- Defense x10 Instructions: - Install the mod - Enjoy Mod link : Dragon Samurai_TeamAR.apk The apk...
  5. sonik

    Dragon hills 2 coins Mod

    Name : Dragon Hills 2 Version : 1.0.1 Playstore : Dragon Hills 2 - Android Apps on Google Play Root : Yes Using GameGuardian cheat engine A quick video guide how to Mod coins from the first level in dragon hills2 check the video bellow: dragon hills2 or dragon hills2 - Streamable Steps are...
  6. Bungsil

    Dragon Project v1.2.1 MOD

    Name : Dragon Project Version : 1.2.1 Root : No MOD 1 : -Atk x10 -Deff x10 Note : Ban problem? no clue ^^ How to fix Parse error in android Credit : Bungsil JMT Download : mod Download : apkpure Download : Apk Editor Pro
  7. Bungsil

    セレンシアサーガ:ドラゴンネスト v1.1.0 MOD

    Name : セレンシアサーガ:ドラゴンネスト Version : 1.1.0 Root : YES MOD : 1.God Mode 2.Atk+5000 Note : Equip any weapon,armor,acc to Gain Massive Damage Root Needed for play. SIGNED=UNROOT(UNTESTED) UNSIGNED FOR ROOT. Credit : Bungsil JMT Download : Signed Unsigned Downlaod : Apkpure
  8. iAlex

    DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE v3.8.3 [damage - god mode - 1 2 3 dice rolls - no root]

    Name: DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE Version: 3.8.3 Root: NO Features: - High Damage - God Mode - Dice Mod > 1 2 3 - Root Detection Nulled Install Steps: If you have my old mod installed skip to step 3 - Link your account to any social (simply backup your account) - Uninstall your current version...
  9. stelau4

    Dragon Nest - Saint Haven ver-1.1 (root)

    Name: Dragon Nest - Saint Haven Version: 1.1 Root: Yes (for now) Mod: 1. Monsters never attack ( they just walk to you) BUGS KNOWN: Skill is disabled will try and fix Mod2: fix 1. monster only attack once if you attack them with normal attack to test this you see if attack once they attack...
  10. stelau4

    Dragon Quest VIII ver-1.0.9

    Name: Dragon quest VIII Version: 1.0.9 Root: No Mod1: 1, Unlimited Gold (LINK FIXED) Mod2: mega mod (LINK FIXED) 1. Unlimited gold 2. Very high exp 3. Massive hp 4. Massive mp Install Steps: 1. Download my modded apk 2. Download obb 3. install modded apk 4. unzip obb and place in data/obb...