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  1. Need Help ?

    How use IDA PRO to add OffSet For add Coins and Gems Games Name : BB Racing 2
  2. Need help editing Plants vs. Zombies 2 obb (ver. 7.8.1)

    I've seen videos of people playing PvZ 2 with an edited obb. There seems to be a lot under the hood to mess around with, specifically: Pet Zombie Level Creator Plant Creator Texture Editor These are the fun ones I could list. The problem is no one except the editors know for sure on how to...
  3. Elnea Kingdom Problem. Please Help me🙏

    My elnea kingdom stuck at reading the game data at 1/40. Ive tried unninstall it install it and restart the phone as many times but it didnt work. Can anyone help me? Pleaseeeee My phone is Samsung A6
  4. Continuing to Mod Pixel Gun 3D, But I Keep Hitting a Snag

    Late update for anyone who read my previous post. I've put this project on hiatus and had came back to it recently with more coding experience. However, I keep hitting a Snag whenever I modify any code in the apk. For some reason, the game halts at 82% when I load any test mod apk. I don't know...
  5. How to Keep original and mod version app

    Anyone know how to keep 2 version of app in 1 phone, i mean i want to keep the original version of app and also install a mod version of it
  6. Need Help With Modding Pixel Gun 3D

    I need help finding the files in com.pixel.gun3d that correlate to: Currency Values Damage Values Health Values I'm asking for help because Pixel Gun 3d is a Unity Engine game, but yet contains no .dll files when I explore my extracted apk. Here's what I found under Pixel Gun...
  7. How to mod Prey Day

    Hi guys, Please help me in game modding I just wanna ask and know what tools to use in Prey Day Mod, I want to make my own mod for personal use, cause I don't have Internet to download the mod apk file, here in the Philippines mobile recharge are too expensive, I hope you guys will help me bro...
  8. Help in Understanding Modding apk files

    HI Members, I have read all the many game mod Tutorials from this forum it was really very useful and interesting .. Thanks for posting..... My question is I have learned how to mod UNITY games also learned how to mod flash android games SO far am clear and I tried some other games to mod...
  9. Trying to mod final clash

    hi . Anyone have some time to teach me in modding? Cause i have 1 game trying to mod. But i got a problem about editing the stats. The game is Final clash. And im using dnspy. Then i found the Attribute. Its int. But when i edit the hp and atk. I use ldc.i4 and the operand is 9999999. Then i...
  10. Help please

    Hello! I'm a novice hacker, and I have one question .. How to sign in the game? I'm a hacker from Russia and hack into various games, but my hacking is stolen on different sites, how can I put my signature in the game? For example, " By Hacker"?
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