1. DHAalpha

    Public M&M:Heroes v2.0.0 [MOD]

    Name: M&M:Heroes Version: 2.0.0 Root: No Mod features: A lot of resources Install Steps: Download Install Credits: ? Playstore Link: M&M:Heroes - Apps on Google Play Download Link: MOD APK Mirror
  2. BTG

    Exclusive Martial Heroes v1.1.7 [god mode, dmg, instant kill]

    Name: Martial Heroes Version: 1.1.7 Root: Yes with LP patching 3 options Android Mod: 1.) god mode (70% chance) 2.) dmg up to 10x (20% chance) 3.) instant death (10% chance) This is another rename of Exclusive - 패왕 : 혼돈의 시작 (Devon - The Chaos Begins) v1.1.5 [god mode, dmg] Install Steps: 1.)...
  3. BTG

    Outdated Mighty Party Heroes Clash v1.0.10 [Mega Mod]

    Name: Mighty Party Heroes Clash Version: 1.0.10 Root: No Mod: 1.) weak enemies 2.) dmg 3.) free everything (mostly) 4.) max VIP 5.) greedy goblins - claim your rewards again and again (e.g. daily reward or whatever) Notes: 1.) if you get stuck during tutorial, restart game. if still fail...
  4. BTG

    Romance of Heroes:Realtime 3v3 v.118.0 [weak monsters, dmg, VIP 20]

    Name: Romance of Heroes:Realtime 3v3 Revenge of Cao Cao Version: 118 Root: No Mod: 1.) 5x dmg (Music off) 2.) weak monsters 3.) max VIP + no VIP Install Steps: 1.) install mod, if you get stuck, try to install original and let it download all patches then install mod 2.) play Credits...
  5. Dwizpa

    Exclusive Dash Quest Heroes v1.5.0 [MOD]

    Name: Dash Quest Heroes Version: v1.5.0 Root: Yes&No Mod: Modv1 1.) God Mode (If you got damage from something, please tell me) 2.) Instant Kill 3.) High Exp Gain 4.) More Drop Gold 5.) No SkillCooldown and No Cost Modv2 With 10x Atk&Def Without ExpGain, Idle Mode, God Mode Install Steps...
  6. Dwizpa

    Exclusive Legend Warriors: Epic Heroes Battle - PvP Game v1.0.46 [MOD][Root]

    Name: Legend Warriors: Epic Heroes Battle - PvP Game Version: v1.0.46 Root: Yes Feature: - High Gain Exp&Gold After battle at Campaign - Can Claim Daily Gem Reward Repeatly open reward icon, close it and open it again (Until you get bored or something) - Items not decrease when using for...
  7. stelau4

    Exclusive Battle of heroes ver-10.70.91

    Name: Battle of Heroes Version: 10.70.91 Root: No Mod Menu whats included: 1. x100 Attack 2. x100 Health 3. x10 Attack speed 4. x5 Move speed 5. x50 skill damage 6. x50 defence Note1: How to get menu at login screen easy click back button On device or emu ie bluestcks nox or memu. Note2: At...
  8. BTG

    Exclusive Medal Heroes : Return of the Summoners v.3.0.6 [weak enemies]

    Name: Medal Heroes : Return of the Summoners Version: 3.0.6 Package: com.enfeel.MMR Root: No/Yes with LP patched Mod: 1.) weak enemies Notes: 1.) mod works only for PvE, you're safe in PvP Install Steps: 1.) uninstall game, install mod 2.) play 3.) google login needs rooted + LP Credits To...
  9. BTG

    Exclusive Genki Heroes v.1.0.5 [dmg, dumb enemies]

    Name: Genki Heroes Alias: 元気の英雄 Version: 1.0.5 Package: com.jollity.genki Root: No Mod: 1.) dumb monsters 2.) increase dmg 3.) unlimited mana Notes: 1.) PVP enemies have increased dmg/mana too, make sure you kill them before they do or use normal apk if wish to play normal in PVP 2.) FB login...
  10. EMT

    Exclusive Heroes Guardian ver-1.1.20

    Name: Heroes Guardian Version: 1.1.20 Root: No Mod: Menu 1. Free Summon (Active allways) This is the summon with a timer not timer is there but allways free no limit 2. Attack (equip item) 3. Def (equip item) 4. Hp (equip item) 5. Speed Increase (equip item) How to use menu: 1. Click the back...
  11. Tammy Roy

    Script [GGuardian] Gladiator Heroes 1.7.2 mod. [Root]

    INFORMATION: Game Name: Gladiator Heroes Version: 1.7.2 Playstore Link: com.generagames.gladiatorheroes Publish Date: April 29, 2017 Credit: @tammyroy Root Required: YES mod Type Crystal mod! Apps Used 1. Game guardian. Steps : MULTI MOD. Link is Broken NOTE : More Tricks...
  12. iAlex

    HOPE Online : Heroes of Perfect Element ( 城攻めアクション ) v1.0.13 MOD

    Game Version : 1.0.13 Playstore : Click me What's modded : {.1.} - Player damage boosted {.2.} - Enemy damage reduced {.3.} - Always Critical Hit How to install : Non-Rooted-Users - Signed {.1.} - Backup your ingame data - to avoid data loss {.2.} - Uninstall your current game {.3.} -...
  13. BTG

    Exclusive Legendary Heroes MOBA v.3.0.52 Mega MOD

    Name: Legendary Heroes MOBA Version: 3.0.52 Root: No Mod: 1.) unlimited gold 2.) unlimited crystal 3.) free unlock heroes 4.) god mode 5.) 10x dmg, 10x def Notes: 0.) use menu to enable whatever options you like 1.) unlimited currencies when you get it as reward winning fights or whatever 2.)...
  14. E

    Outdated Legendary Heroes v2.3.63

    Game name: Legendary Heroes Version: 2.3.63 Playstore: Legendary Heroes MOBA - Android Apps on Google Play Root: No MODIFICATIONS: 1. Unlimited Coins 2. Unlimited Gems Instructions: 1. Download and install apk Download: Apk: Download Legendary Mod apk Credits: ?
  15. stelau4

    Outdated Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis ver-1.1.1

    Name: Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis Version: 1.1.1 Root: No Mod: 1. No skill cd 2. No skill cost Install Steps: 1. Download Modded apk 2. Install and enjoy Playstore Link: Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis - Android Apps on Google Play Download Link: Wartide Heroes of Atlantis.apk
  16. BTG

    Team Z - League of Heroes v.1.5.9 [weak enemies, always win]

    Name: Team Z - League of Heroes Version: 1.5.9 Root: No Mod: 1.) always win (when SFX OFF) 2.) weak enemies (when Music OFF) Notes: 1.) I can't test this mod due to my super duper slow internet - give feedback if it works or not 2.) have no clue if this works in PvP either Install Steps...
  17. iAlex

    RUSH Rise Up Special Heroes 러쉬 v1.0.64 MOD [NO ROOT]

    Game Version : 1.0.64 Playstore : Click me Game Description : What's modded : MOD 1 {.0.} - Root Detection Nulled {.1.} - Auto-Win What's modded : MOD 2 {.0.} - Root Detection Nulled {.1.} - Additional 5K Damage {.2.} - Enemies have original ATK How to install : {.0.} - Backup your...
  18. kar80

    Outdated Heroes of Order & Chaos - VER. 3.4.1a

    Name of game: Heroes of Order & Chaos Version: 3.4.1a Root needed?: NO Cheat: - Go To Nick Shop and Purchase an Item and sell it right away and earn 65k Gold Coins - Solo only Instructions: - Download and install apk - Open game and download data - Enjoyy !! PlayStore: Heroes of Order & Chaos...