last day on earth 1.5.6 mod


    Hi all. This is a new way of hacking coins in the game the last day on earth:survival. But if this method is already on the forum, I mean it is simply not found. The meaning of hacking is to replace the value of experience gained, the value of your coins. And so everything is clear, watch the...
  2. Last day on Earth: Survival of hacking with the mail and cleaning unnecessary things

    Hello friends. It's me again a hacker from Russia. I'll show you a simple and working way to clean up your mail in the game last day on earth: survival. This method applies to those players who use mods, and saved a large number of resources in the mail. Because of the large number of resources...
  3. Last Day on Earth: survival 1.5.7 HOW TO WALK THROUGH WALLS

    Hi guys. Again, I'm hacker from Russia with an unusual hacking of the game for you. This time I will teach you how to pass through any objects and walls in the game. (Note: do not use this hack on any floor of the bunker). This hack can be used when you have no axe to smash a wall with a...
  4. Last day on Earth:Survival Zombies not attacking (hacking memory)

    Hi friends. It's me again a hacker from Russia. This time I found new working hack of the game. All progress is saved and you will not have a problem with it. I bad speak English so just watch the video tutorial on hacking games. The lesson is very easy and understandable for everyone.
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