1. stelau4

    Exclusive Monster Trips Chaos ver-2.2.0

    Name: Monster Trips Chaos Version: 2.2.0 Root: NO Features: 1) Unlimited gold 2) Unlimited gems Install Steps: 1) Download zip file 2) Extract zip 3) Place obb in android/obb folder in an explorer 4) Install mod apk 5) play and enjoy Credits: stelau4 - TeamAR Playstore Link...
  2. rogeriomorais

    [DUVIDA] Hey Monster "Pokemon" / Existe mod ou mod para esse game?

    Existe alguma possibilidade de existir um mod ou mod para esse game porque tentei e nao consegui!! tentei até decryptografar os files saves Porem são cryptador em "PureBasic", ".pb" e o código não achei nada relacionado! POREM = eu achei como cryptar mas nao achey como decrypt ou seja...
  3. stelau4

    Exclusive Pokemon tekken 1.4.0

    Name: Pokemon tekken Version: 1.4.0 Root: NO Features: 1) Dumb enemy 2) No skill cd Install Steps: 1) Download mod apk 2) Install and enjoy Might need complete tut in game Credits: stelau4 - TeamAR Cant find offical link sorry guys if any one has please send me Playstore Link: Google Drive -...
  4. Y

    Request EvoCreo [DLC Unlocked] REQ

    Game Name: EvoCreo Game Version: 1.5.0 Google Play Store Link: EvoCreo - Android Apps on Google Play APK Link: Download EvoCreo 1.5.0 apk paid - ApkHere.com - Mobile Cheat Requested: No cheats requested. Please unlock the in-game expansions / DLC for additional storylines. Have you used any...
  5. G

    18+ [18+] Sakura Dungeon v2.0 - Discount Shop

    Name: Sakura Dungeon Version: 2.0 Root: No Mod: 1.) Shop 90%off 2.) Free Shop Install Steps: 1.) Download and enjoy Credits: Unknown guys for porting this to android Playstore Link: - Download: Mod 1 Mod 2 Mirror: -
  6. lordelan

    Cloned Pokémon GO apk with official signature

    I'm looking for a way to run multiple instances of Pokémon GO simultaneously. Somehow it seems that you can't log in to your PoGo account any longer from within "Parallel Space" which was the best solution to achieve that. Also there's a clone app at the Play Store but it changes the signature...
  7. Dogboy69

    Public Pokemon - MagiKarp Jump | All shop cash to 0

    This video showcase our Exclusive MOD for Pokemon - MagiKarp Jump If you Like the MOD - Like the Video on YouTube & Subscribe if you feel like  Note that the video is based on actual/old version of the game. I won't update the video if there are no major changes to MOD.
  8. Horizon11

    Outdated (Pokemon Go) NecroBot v0.8.5 (Closed Down)

    Good Bye! Due to legal action being started against other bot creators/devs (we did not receive a letter yet) the Project development will be stopped. All Source Files / Downloads will be removed. We now have to say Good Bye to the awesome Community. Over 100k Members on Discord and 500k...
  9. Horizon11

    Outdated Pokemon GO Compass Tracker v.0.8.6 (Nearby Pokemon, Stops,etc)

    Here are the feature highlights: Support PTC login ONLY -- PLEASE USE A SECONDARY/UNIMPORTANT ACCOUNT Background running service (can be toggled off) Configurable update interval (5 seconds - 30 minutes) A SINGLE notification will continually be updated to reflect: catch-able count and names...
  10. Zubair Zahid

    Outdated Pokemon Go mod using location spoofer

    Presently's your opportunity to find and catch the Pokémon surrounding you, so get your shoes on, venture outside, and investigate the world. You'll go along with one of three groups and fight for the distinction and responsibility for with your Pokémon next to you. in this tutorial I'm going to...