Exclusive NieR Re[in]carnation v1.0.4 ( 1Hit, GodMod )


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Apr 5, 2018
I dont think they fixed all hw devices cuz on my end, the game freeze at 33,33% after I touched the door and few seconds later, my phone gonna reboot itself too :D

I can play some games kinda big and heavy enough like genshin or bdm but this game just made my phone reboot again and again. smh

me too,​

choose hi quality can play , but very lag ~~lol​



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Team AR
Sep 25, 2016
Any of you know how to get this point??


Mar 30, 2020
Hey boss @icry4u, can you mod the minigame to "god mode". It would be very helpful for the games since it gives you 1 energy every 500 points and a lot exp based on your score. I think it's safe since it only record your own high score and no leaderboard for it.
And yes, I'm suck at the minigames so I don't get much score 😂
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Jun 11, 2020
Seems great! Thx for your work!
However, the mod game will shut down before the press start screen.
arm64-v8a checked
vanilla version works normally
hope i can get a solution. thx so much