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May 9, 2015
What is their to review? lol! The best forum/site that offers great quality VIP games. You cant find any of the VIP games in other forums or sites.


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Sep 10, 2015
the vip is very good, if you guys can make extent vip half price would be much better.


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Jun 26, 2015
first message in the forum.

-Good protected license system.
-Updated games and mods asap.
-Good choosing games.

-More game mods.(not much modders in forum.)
-2 Device each vip member (4 device is good enough.)
-Maybe doing some giveaways for vip only. (not necessery.)

there's nothing say too much.
its worth 20$


Jun 17, 2015
- Exclusive features Mod/mod.
- Supra Modders/Crackers.
- Update Fast .
- Goods Supports/Help.
We can resume it in 2 Words >> JUST PERFECT.
Thank you guys.


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May 1, 2015
Vip section very good.But pay rates must be arranged by country. 20$ =40 TL four months ago in my country but now 20$ =60 TL


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Jan 19, 2015
Here is my first site, where i buy a VIP, for some reason, i play kritika, and every month renew my VIP, for that mod, because in others sites, just fake or some scam mod's. You know i better ofcource can spend money in the game 20$ and buy cool stuff, but i think better spend here money, and get 10times more briliiant stuff :)

But sometimes, i think you can make some discounts on VIP few %, before christmas, new years, and some days :) Here just my opinion.

And yes, we have cool staff, nice mod's AND big thanks for free section mod's because sometimes, free mod's better then in VIP :D

Good luck guys!

In few days i need to renew my VIP, so i hope i win 1month for free, or maybe not :D
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Aug 6, 2015
Mods are unbelievably well made and well maintained
Updates are fast and reliable
Staff feedback/questions/answers done as soon as they can
$20 is a small sum for the quality of the VIP features they provide

Will continue to pay for VIP :)


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May 7, 2014

Im been twice purchased VIP at this site..

Point Plus for become VIP at AR are
- Licence System : that system detects how many device that sign at VIP. Its useful for administrator control the spread of mod.
- Fast Response At Updating.. : i noticed at every game at VIP had dast response especially after major update. Only two days update has come.
And many more

Cons :
- Price : im just compare VIP at others forums this VIP had more price. But like old says.. U got what you pay



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Sep 28, 2015
Hello everyone !!, so for me the VIP section is very good, the trick is very ingenious installation with this license sytem, then I glimpse myself that the answers are fast, when encountering a problem c is very pleasant, then come the towers games, mods are very good, work that responds very quickly that there is an update, in conclusion I would really VIP section at the top, to the listening of each these menbers and make excelent work .Here my point of view and I am delighted with my VIP status !!
NOTE : 19,99/20:):)(y)(y)(y)
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Aug 30, 2015
I have only positive things to say about the vip section.excellent game selection,very fast update of mods,a well thought out system to prevent spreading.$20 a month is a very nice price to be a god in your game of choice and have access to all this exclusive content.i appreciate the hard work this team does to provide us with a superb gaming experience and community.


Jan 26, 2015
It is very good subscription. Worth every penny.

Staff is helpful, update is really fast. Good games and very helpful mods.

But maybe i need to give inputs:
1. More careful about vip membership since some of us, not to mention anyone specific, are having abusing behavior like spamming thread and showing hacks to public.
2. More kind of games. Lately games like summoners war and soul seekers are plenty in addition to vip member. How about putting more to another genre like rpg, strategy, mmorpg, and else?


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Dec 16, 2014
Viper section is the best ever seen yet, Here is why

-Very fast updates be modelers
-Great games to play from
-No other place have these exclusive mods like AR
-Best mod security here for VIP protection form other non VIP users

Love VIP section here in AR ♡
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Sep 29, 2015
The experience so far have been great. It's nice to see that the staff here are active, listening and keeping an eye on what people have to say. The AR team are also very dedicated in terms of updating the mods and are always trying to sort out any problems faced by the community. So, yeah! Good job! Keep it up!


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Aug 12, 2015
Thank for the development team I cheer And hope the future there will be any new additions to make us play together .


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Aug 24, 2015
I been using various mods all my life and went to diffirent sites but Android Republic is the best , they update their mod very fast and they are very helpfull on the forums :blush:


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Aug 18, 2015
The content for VIP is always updating and best of all I never have to wait long for a new update if the game has a patch. Also If I ever have a question or concern it is addressed fairly quickly. All in all worth every penny.


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Feb 17, 2015
I bought VIP about 3 or 4 months ago (i think :laughing:) and in this months this site gave me a lot of satisfaction and never disappointments. The first thing that convinced me to buy the membership it's the license system. I never ever see nothing like this in any other site where I'm vip.
The license permit to have mod that work for a long time because not everyone want to spend their money to become vip so the mod isn't so pubblic, and permit also to block everyone that want to leach this mod and sell or put in another site.
So, yes I'm really happy to be a VIP member and if someone it's doubtful if buy or not the VIP I say only to try 1 month, you can see the difference :wink:
Cheers guys!


Mar 30, 2015
VIP review

Dear fellows
1. The VIP membership of AR forum was one of the most difficult decision that I have ever made.
It was not because of the cost 20$ per month but the real thing that we could receive inside VIP section.
Fortunately, there is a Vietnamese suppporter here who help me a lot not only in VIP interview but also in making me feel ok when I am here (@fantasy235 ).
2. I found this forum while searching for Kritika mod. And up to now, this forum is the only place that can give us this exclusive MOD for sure :smilingimp:
3. I have had a lot of fun when I am here, getting more friends like @Uncle_BoB , @stelau4 ....
4. The mod update is one of the best supporting that we cannot found the same at anywhere else

Of course, it is my pleasure to be one of VIP members of AR forum !
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Nov 27, 2014
VIP Review:

I was lucky enough to win VIP for a month for a contest, so that's what got me started in VIP.

Originally, I wanted to join VIP to check out what the games are, what kind of mods are available and learn from it. After winning the VIP, I found out the games available in VIP are pretty fun and hadn't been bother to mess around with the mods.

So far, I have only invested time into 3-4 games that I really liked, and currently focusing on Toram Online. My experience with the VIP mod is that updates come fast (at least for the games I play) but not regularly, because unless the game has major contents update, there is no need to update due to patched mod. This is one of the great feature of the VIP mods: none/very little patch to our mods, so update are a lot easier/come around faster.

I also enjoy the opportunity for regular player to win VIP, and in that way you can recruit new people into VIP and spread the words (myself included) about how awesome the games available in VIP are.

The licensing system is nice and serve a purpose to reduce leak, which is great. I personally never have any intention to leak so I couldn't care less. However, the option for 2 license per VIP can be a bit restricting. It's understandable, but being an hardcore gamer, I like to utilize my VIP as much as I can. A suggestion of increase to 3 would be great as 1 would be for your phone, 1 for your emulator, and one for your VM emulator.

Lastly, let's talk about the pricing. I think this , beside the interview, is the biggest factor in whether people choose to support VIP and in turn our website. For $20 a month, that is quite a bit steep for 1-2 games that you would play. I have read that many people say you get what you pay for, but this is about half of what I pay for my cable bill each month, and if you think about it in long term: $240 for a whole year, almost a price of a brand new smart phone or a low end/refurbished computer. I personally choose to renew it for a month so I can learn about the mods, and then probably won't continue. There should be an option to reduce the VIP price if you choose to buy it for say 6 months, 1 year, or even life time. That way you can continue to have loyal members on the website as they have already paid for months in advance and will not risk leaking the mod with all the payment up in front. The result will be an increase in long term VIP user, less leak, and more profit for the devs for their work on the games.

This is a great opportunity for regular user to see /learn about our VIP, and for the VIP user to express their sentiment about the service. Good luck to whoever wins the prize :)
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