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    Unity Based Mod Menu

    Hey guys I'm new here, but I'm not new to modding android games I'm needing help with creating a mod menu using unity and OnGUI (onGUI is the only method I know that works) I couldn't find ANY information regarding how to create one When I did find something it didn't have any explanation to...
  2. [HELP]Replaced the .so file and the apk keep crash

    Game : Guns girl JP version I modified the file and repalce it into the apk file.But the app just keep carsh when open it . Did I missed any steps? Can anyone give me some help?
  3. IDA Tutorial?

    I've been looking for tutorials on modding .so files with IDA, and YES I did look at Twix's "Basic" tutorial, and it made 0 sense at all. For someone like me who's really new to IDA, the whole thread made absolutely no sense, especially without pictures. If anyone could point me in the right...
  4. Another Apk-multitool Error

    I originally sent this message and video to stelau4 asking for his help regarding recompiling a modded APK, after using his net reflector tutorial. Weeeelll, he's offline and I'm impatient so I'm posting here hoping anybody else may have insight on what the hell the problem is this time. So...
  5. Why the hell I've got this error while trying to open zipped folder??

    I don't know if i am at the right section but since this is discussion i am hoping that somebody can explain this error I've got whenever i tried to open the file inside zipped folder. I'm using 'es file explorer & androzip (free version). Pls need an answer thanks in advance!
  6. Unsign APK

    Could anyone unsign this APK for me, please? Because I don't have a PC right now.
  7. XHTML

    Does anyone know how to code a webpage? I'm stuck on trying to make something do what I want but can't get it to work at all.... If you do I will post my code and tell you what I'm trying to do! Hope someone can help me :/
  8. ROOTING LG h324t leon

    Hi everyone...Can u please help me root my phone.. Phone Name:LG h324t leon Android Version:5.1.1 Ive Tried all methods like king root, kingo root, towel root, frama root, vroot, also in pc mode but none works :( please if anyone have an idea..
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