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  1. C

    Help me mod IL2CPP game

    i am newbie, any one teach me how to edit code from i have : i want edit: private static int set_hp(IntPtr L); // 0xF911CC but i don`t know change values in Il2Cpp ? any help me, thanks
  2. Mypclover

    Help in Understanding Modding apk files

    HI Members, I have read all the many game mod Tutorials from this forum it was really very useful and interesting .. Thanks for posting..... My question is I have learned how to mod UNITY games also learned how to mod flash android games SO far am clear and I tried some other games to mod...
  3. ovosile

    Need Help Opening File

    So I wanted to make an updated mod for azurlane, but I'm not sure how I should go about opening the file that I'm supposed to mod. To mod azurlane, you don't mod the apk, but the script inside the obb files which I've gotten from the previously modded version. The only problem is that I'm not...
  4. Signas

    VIP paid for

    Ok so I bought V.I.P here and I got to say you guys really put in good work. Thank you to all who help people like me posting your public and V.I.P mods. Now I did buy VIP but unfortanetly I find it useless for myself due to the fact most mods I look at or desired are for signed phones. What...
  5. ChocoDonut

    Can't find Assembly-CSharp in apk to mod?

    Been through several guides in here. Can't find the Assembly-CSharp.dll file in apk (using winrar), how do you mod without it? If opening largest lib file (.so) in IDA works, what function am I looking for? any guide for this? I am trying to fix up the hp for escort mission in Link is Broken...
  6. C

    drivers problem

    this may be a wrong post but does anyone out there know of a drivers site where i can down load N13219 asus graphics card operating windows 7 platform searched loads of pages the asus site is rubbish would appreciate any help in this problem lots of fakes out there many thanks
  7. Beast_Modz

    How do i Make a android mod menu??

    hi guys i need your help with this i got my own youtube channel there i showcase a lot of android mods and mod menu's so i desided it is time to make my own mod menu and , i hope that you guys can help me. i have made some mod menu's before but that was for the ps3. so im totally new to this...
  8. Sassain

    Marvel future fight

    I'm a vip5 player in marvel future fight. I hv never used any mods or whatsoever. Today I got a security alert code 2(unknown) which doesn't even let me in to the game I spent so much money in it pls someone help my phone is not rooted.
  9. Frtz

    Need help to find a Website

    I requested a Mod for mini dayz and someone replied this Link is Broken What does he mean by "go to the captive mod site" ? Someone please help
  10. Tulip

    Need help!

    Hello All, I'm wondering if anyone is playing Superstar Life?!?!? I can't locate my Nanobit ID. I've researched on Google & Youtube, helpless! I've followed instructions from Help & Support, also useless. What is it that I missed??? Thank you all for reading. Your help is desperately needed...
  11. Toxik

    Probleme de root pour mon smartphone

    Bonjour , et desoler de vous faire par des mes problemes car je vois qui le forum francais en a beacoup x) cependant je narrive pas a rooter mon telephone (Galaxy S6 SM920F(<-- je ne suis pas sur a 100% de cette valeur)) jai pourtant essayer avec odin en derniere version mais...
  12. W

    Appguard Bypass

    Anyone want to pm me a way through Appguard? Or at least a hint? THanks!
  13. N

    last day on earth : survival problem

    anyone can help me? after a while in the game my character cant move, i can open inventory, craft, shop and croush ,but cant even move, how to fix this issues? thanks before( not modded)
  14. I

    Questions I need answered about modding

    I'm fairly new to the forums so I'm not sure how it works around here, I'm also new to making my own mods. I have some questions I need answered by experienced modders, here goes: Can you create a Mod on an Android device solely or do you need a PC? (A FPS game for example; Radar on, wall...
  15. Chase

    How to keep mobius ff data?

    I can't find the data, that you download in game, for mobius ff. I have mod apk, and I want to play PlayStore apk. Apk pure and mod share same packaging signature, so I can't install pure over apk. How can I prevent myself from uninstalling the mod apk and deleting all the data. I don't want...
  16. G

    Rooten Galaxy S6 edge

    Moin Leute. Meine Frage ist wie Roote ich mein Handy.Vom PC oder per app etc. Was für Vor und Nachteile hat das Rooten. Hat sowas Nachteile auf ein Vertrags Handy etc. Im Internet hört und ließt man alles mögliche. Wie funktioniert das.?? Ich danke euch schon mal. Ne frage neben bei wo muss...
  17. Lucifercoolz

    Summoner war หน้าจอขาว+เด้งออกจากเกมส์

    สวัดดีครับ ผมได้ทำตาม ขั้น ตอน ทุกอย่างแล้ว ครับ ตั้งแต่ Download license *unzipped file* แล้วนำ arteam.licไปไว้ด้านหนอกสุดของFolder , ผมโหลดMod เกมส์Summonerwar มา ตอนอินตอลก็ปดติ (ผมได้ลบ ตัวเกมส์ เก่า ออกไป) แต่พอ กดเข้าไปเล่น (ตัวMod)กลับ หน้าจอ ขาว แล้วเด้งออกจากเกมส...
  18. R

    BloonsTD Battles: Recompiled apk wont join online matches

    Hello there. I have been trying to mod the game called "Bloons TD Battles". Just a little background info, to successfully decompile the apk I had to remove the META-INF folder from the apk (opened it in winrar and removed before decompile). I made the changes and rebuilt the apk again and...
  19. LiquidGold

    Error when adding toast message.

    So I got this error when trying to recompile my apk and I'm not sure why when I followed the tut. Log For : WWEChampionsMOD.apk Log Type : Recompiling Log Recorded At : 2017-04-04 -- 6:18:40.05 Log Recorded By : Advanced ApkTool v4.2.0 By BDFreak...
  20. A

    VIP "Crazy gods/Dewa ngamuk"

    Ada yang bisa bantu upgrade VIP buat game CREAZY GODS / DEWA NGAMUK. kalo beli langsung dari server mahal gan Kalo bisa pembayaran tidak melalui paypal. Thanks! :sunglasses: