1. stelau4

    Exclusive Bomb Me English - Major Mayhem ver-

    Name: Bomb me English Version: Root: NO Features: 1) Normal enemy Can not move (Will Not Attack you) 2) Boss damage as no effect Only test in labyrinth (Works) Install Steps: 1) Download mod apk 2) Install and enjoy Credits: stelau4 - TeamAR Playstore Link: Bomb Me English - Major...
  2. A

    CSR2 Modding Tutorial - Get Any Car You Want Maxed Out!

    Hi everyone, Here is an in-depth video tutorial I've just uploaded on how to mod CSR2 Save game files to get any car you want, max upgraded and completely free. Video Tutorial (Youtube) This video and text tutorial was designed for IOS. You can do the same but navigate to this folder instead...
  3. Matt_code_guy

    advanced modding il2cpp question

    I had written some mods for a game, and as a result the developers started using IL2CPP. I am familiar with IL2CPP and how you go about modding it. My question is if I know the implementation of the C# code, is there any way to inject it at the inspected offset. let's say IL2CPPDumper reveals...
  4. OtonaPoi

    [HELP] Valkyrie Crusade v5.0.0 and its quirks

    I'll cut it short since I unadvertently closed the tab I was making the thread and it didn't save automatically. Here's the thread of the mod: Valkyrie Crusade v5.0.0 [Mod][UPDATE] A new game mode has been added to the game, and only the second version of the mod is working right now. I...
  5. deisuke

    [Help] what is

    Hi my name is deisuke and i was intressted to mod a certain game however the issue was that data folder included a file that was called First thing what is and secoundly how do i get the acessability to modify value. If someone would be kind to explain to me...
  6. G

    Lehrling sucht meister für Modding

    Hallo ich würde mich gerne ins Modding rein kommen und such ein Meister oder ein Team das mir es zeigen / beibringen Möchte. THX Fürs Lesen
  7. Matt_code_guy

    debugger for unity game

    My current project is Android/Mac/Windows and I am set up for modding on all three environments. The code is obfuscated. In a situation like this, having a debugger that could set breakpoints, view variable values in memory, and step through the code would be invaluable. Given only a directory...
  8. ovosile

    Need Help Opening File

    So I wanted to make an updated mod for azurlane, but I'm not sure how I should go about opening the file that I'm supposed to mod. To mod azurlane, you don't mod the apk, but the script inside the obb files which I've gotten from the previously modded version. The only problem is that I'm not...
  9. ChocoDonut

    Can't find Assembly-CSharp in apk to mod?

    Been through several guides in here. Can't find the Assembly-CSharp.dll file in apk (using winrar), how do you mod without it? If opening largest lib file (.so) in IDA works, what function am I looking for? any guide for this? I am trying to fix up the hp for escort mission in Link is Broken...
  10. I

    Questions I need answered about modding

    I'm fairly new to the forums so I'm not sure how it works around here, I'm also new to making my own mods. I have some questions I need answered by experienced modders, here goes: Can you create a mod on an Android device solely or do you need a PC? (A FPS game for example; Radar on, wall...
  11. Matt_code_guy

    Learning advanced modding. Have questions

    Firstly, thank you all for contributing to this forum! The posts by others, the answers I have gotten have really help me make incredible progress into modding games. I have been professionally programming for 12 years so once I get to a state where I can write code, compile, test I can make...
  12. Matt_code_guy

    Any way to access stack trace of modded apk?

    Hey guys! So thanks to everyone here I am on a tear modding the heck out of APK's. Sometimes the code works well at compile time and not at run time. Is there any way to access a stack trace or any way to debug runtime errors?
  13. UnsignedModz

    Outdated Blocky Cars Online Mod V4 6.1.2 Final + Download

    Name:Blocky Cars Online Version:6.1.2 Root:No Need MOD V4 -Unlimited Keys -Super Fast Vehicle(New!) -Max Ammo(New!) -No Block Damage -GodMode Vehicles -GodMode -Max Armor Download URL Mediafire: Link is Broken Credit:Unsigned Modz YouTube Channel: Like &...
  14. LiquidGold

    Error when adding toast message.

    So I got this error when trying to recompile my apk and I'm not sure why when I followed the tut. Log For : WWEChampionsMOD.apk Log Type : Recompiling Log Recorded At : 2017-04-04 -- 6:18:40.05 Log Recorded By : Advanced ApkTool v4.2.0 By BDFreak...
  15. Devious

    Unbundle/Unpack unity dll's

    Hey, I've been stomped at trying to find out how to extract the dll's from games like modern strike online 1.17.3. They have somehow put the assembly files into a .dat file. Is there a program or to reverse this process or does anyone know how to recover the dll' s and make the project normal...
  16. KPWKSA

    why not ?? VIP mod Features ?

    hi :blush: i see a lot of mods in VIP section have only 10x atk & 10x def or only 10x attack ect ... when i ask the modder they saying it's safe for our customer .. but why u don't make 2 different version of the mod ? like:- 1- mod 1 = 10x atk & 10x def 2- mod 2 = no CD & god mod & on...
  17. Androhacks_

    IDA Tutorial?

    I've been looking for tutorials on modding .so files with IDA, and YES I did look at Twix's "Basic" tutorial, and it made 0 sense at all. For someone like me who's really new to IDA, the whole thread made absolutely no sense, especially without pictures. If anyone could point me in the right...
  18. H

    [TUTORIAL]How to add a popup toast message in game startup

    BEFORE WE START THE TUTORIAL PLEASE READ [Requirements] 0. A working brain 1. A Computer 2. The apk file, obviously 3. dex/Apk decompiler with xml decoding support eg.(Apktool) 4. Text editor (Notepad++, Sublime Text, Atom, notepad) [Info] What exactly are we trying to do? *see image* Pretty...